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My name is Phan and I am Random. I post a lot of French things, notably Les Mis and the French Revolution, but things such as horses, Superwholock and completely random things may also make their appearance.

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And there was a Dali museum. I was amazed and extremely confused. The day I understand Dali’s work will be the day I sprout wings

I also drew a hell of a lot of stuff, including an actual Valjean. Wow.

Yeah the Courfeytaur made an appearance too, but it wasn’t really the Courfeytaur because I didn’t add a face and Courfeyrac’s eyebrows are difficult when I’m being jogged a lot.

I went to France today. I also got myself some more paint, charcoal and blenders. And then Eurotunnel started being weird.

yesmissbzzz a demandé: OMG the tag you wrote on the Di Chimichi post HAHAHAHAAAA

But seriously though I think Luciano’s a bit sick of dying now.

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'Dammit Enrico, you had one job,' pretty much summarizes the whole Stravaganza series.

Or: "Uh… we failed killing Luciano… again."

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Costume for Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka

Helen Colvig


Profiles in History 

mamzellecombeferre a dit : Then this anon must thing I’m the weirdest person alive because I don’t ship anyone with anyone. lol

Sometimes I just think, god forbid someone does something different

Oh god.

Anonyme a demandé: I still think you're weird bc you don't ship Enjolras and grantaire tbh

Tbh I don’t really care

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basically we need a photoset of the 9 most scandalous waistcoats of the 1820s and 1830s

And I call myself a serious fandom blogger.

Anonyme a demandé: God you have nOC LUE about why we hate enjonine stop defending those homophobic shits

Just going to publish this so people can gawk at silliness.

DUHN badadaaaaadah badadahda badadahdadadah

delup delup delup

shinybarricade a dit : WHEN YOU’RE AN AMI YOU STAY AN AMIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!! (I like it!)


wait was that a West Side Story quote that flew over my head completely

(If you look really closely at the guy being kicked he looks like he’s high as a kite. Ahhh fingerpainting XD)